Look up…

I love people.

I written about my love list, and the incredible influence others around have on my life.  In fact, most everywhere I go, folks talk to me.

I like that.

Comments come at me in a variety of ways: many are funny, some leave me thinking, “Huh?” Occasionally I get the sad and even tragic, but most often I receive the uplifting or loving kind.

All are important.

I find myself alone nowadays (for a good portion) of my running around, and even though my mind is frequently elsewhere, I try to make eye contact as much as I can.  No matter what these folks have to say to me; whether I know them personally or strangers, I appreciate they are looking at me…

They want to talk to me.  And I want to talk to them.

Their words make me feel; they remind me I am part of something bigger; that my solitude is self induced.  They pull me in.

They remind me,  I matter.

It occurs all the time, everywhere.  In fact, just this past week…

  • A young man at sandwich shop said:                                                           “Hey darlin…have a beautiful day!”  I noticed the birds chirping, the sun shining, the trees swaying.  He called me darlin and meant it.
  • A hair stylist I requested a quick shampoo and blow out from:        “Maybe we should shampoo first?”   Maybe?  I liked her.
  • My 16 year old daughter:                                                                                           “I can’t believe I’m going to be living at a manor house in England.  It’s just so cool!”  (Note to self:  Relax.  She’ll be okay. Treasure time).
  • Doctor at breast center:                                                                                        “We need you to come back for another mammogram.”                          Next day I go back… “So I don’t have breast cancer?”                          Long lonely night.  Life is precious. LIVE.
  • My son:                                                                                                                                  “I can’t do this by myself.  I need your help mama.”  I’m here love.
  • Someone I haven’t seen since high school sent a message via text:   “My mother passed away last night.”  Surge of sadness. Mothers are forever.  Death is a finality we are never prepared for.  PAIN.
  • My attorney:                                                                                                                “We will need a $2,000 retainer for the forensic.”  Ugh. Really?
  • Lady at nail salon falling in love with my foot and giggling:           “Oh! Your skin so smooth! I like that!!”  Giggling! 
  • My son (twice this week):                                                                                  “That was so good mom!  Is there more?”  Yes!!!  and Yes!!!
  • A neighborhood mom (I thought didn’t care for me) stopped by:                 “I don’t know if I told you, but I have Bipolar Disorder.”                    She was apologizing. My heart ached for her.  She invited me to lunch.
  • Got a thank you card in the mail from a dear friend:                             “You ROCK!  <3 you long time!!”   Made my day. Put it on my desk.
  • Received a picture text of a heart from someone lovely:                “This was on the door where I work out.  <3 Thinking of you 🙂    Her heart filled my heart. I’m still smiling.
  • From someone I cherish:                                                                                       “I’m so thankful we’re forever friends!!” Me too.  Every single day.  Truly.  I’m so appreciate her.  <3  
  • From Diane, my father’s sweetheart, who took the phone:                “You stay strong Renee. Mother’s have to be strong.                        And sometimes they have to do it alone. ”  I wept with gratitude. This wasn’t my mom, but she was being my mom.  Folks do that for me.
  • Woke up to a text from a great friend I reconnected with:      “Morning Beautiful!”   She’s beautiful. Dimples.
  • A comment left on my blog for me to find:  “Love You Renee!”     (She might be the best person I know).  Love you too.  Always.   <3
  • After we dropped off donations at the rescue mission my children looked over at a little boy who didn’t get to drive away like we did: Their silent compassion spoke volumes to me.  My kids cared. They longed to help. That’s all that matters.  LOVE.
  • My therapist after I shut down:                                                                       “This season shall too pass.  I promise you.”  Trust.  Faith. Believe.
  • My dad after he met me at the last minute and listened to me vent: “That’s what I’m here for, babes.”  Buried my head in his familiar chest and with a deep sigh of gratitude, reminded myself:                     I am not alone.  I am surrounded.  

In this global community of differing faiths, values, priorities, schedules, rules and roles–everyone is here for a reason; some big, some small, all significant.  No connection is random, unless we choose to see it that way.  We all matter.  That truth is never lost on me.

Look up, listen, let them in.  And learn.  I do.  And I’m better for it.


3 thoughts on “Look up…”

  1. Wow…neighbor who stopped by…isn’t it so true that things are not always what they appear. We are all fighting battles. At the ripe old age of 52, I still have to remember that so that I don’t pass judgement. Thank you for that reminder. I really do love u:)

  2. You are beautiful, strong, encouraging and full of love. You are a blessing to me and to all who get the chance to know you.

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